About Ždrelac

About ŽdrelacŽdrelac is a place to Pašman. It was named by the narrow passage at the end, Ždrilu, that also separates the Island Pašman separated from the Island Ugljan. Through the narrow passage which separates the Islands Ugljan and Pašman, in 1973. was built 210-m-long bridge. Ždrelac until 1825. was an integral part of Banj. For the first time mentioned 1397. and three years later, George Zadranin de Rosa buys salt on Pašmanu "ad Sdrelac". In 1446. "Zdrelac" is mentioned as a hamlet of Banj, in 1555. as "Zdrelac over bagno" and 1668. as "Zdrelac di bagno". Name "Sdrelac" is registered in "Venetian topography of XVIII. century". Italian form of the name of the settlement was entered in 1840. Ždrelac is located at the crossroads of maritime routes for excursions to nearby islands and the Kornati archipelago and is attractive destination for boaters and lovers of water sports. Attractive passage Ždrelac and indented coastline with beautiful sandy beaches make this area extremely attractive for holiday. Beautiful beaches and clear sea attract tourists and create unforgettable memories.